Meet Marco Maranzano

My name is Marco Maranzano and my firm, MFM Search LLC, provides quality talent to growing and established companies across industries including, Fintech, SAAS, Financial Services, Commercial Real Estate, Wealth Management and Healthcare. I started MFM Search with a vision of partnering with a client who is looking to grow their business and being able to assist them in acquiring that talent across multiple skillsets. We believe that a total partnership with a client and helping them source candidates with a variety of skillsets is the best way of forging a long-standing relationship. We have proven that this works (32 previous placements made within two companies) and have testimonials from some of our key clients. Here is a short video about my journey to starting MFM Search.   >

2005 – 2006

After graduating from the University of Brighton, United Kingdom with a Degree in Business Administration, I was considering a career in Finance at that time. I ultimately landed a year long internship with JP Morgan in New York City, USA which to this day was one of the best decisions from a professional and personal perspective that I ever made.

2006 – 2008

After returning to the UK from the US, I initially worked for JPMorgan in London, which in the end, didn’t feel like the right fit for me. I was given the opportunity to work for two additional financial service institutions in London, which ultimately led to me strongly considering a career change 2008.


After deciding to make an appointment to discuss my career with Robert Walters Recruitment agency in London, I set the meeting with a completely open mind in terms of my next career move in Finance. I believe the first question I asked them was about a role within Client Services with a Bank, as I really wanted a position where I could interact with clients daily. I was interviewed and asked if I had ever thought about a career in recruitment? At the time I never had and this was a question that ultimately had a huge influence on my career.


I started at Robert Walters in January 2008 and I went on to spend over a decade with Robert Walters both in the UK and later on in the US (New York). I still ask myself today how I got to the point of not knowing what I wanted to do to absolutely falling in love with Recruitment and the company I was working for. Robert Walters gave me the foundation and opportunity to really enhance my recruiting skills in two major markets and everything was in place for what came next…  

2019 – Present Day

I founded MFM Search in 2019 in my apartment in New York City with just my dog Zumi to keep me company each day! I was ready to utilize my experience and passion for the recruitment industry to build an exciting company that hopefully one day people will really enjoy working for. Anyone working in the industry will tell you that recruiting is a hard business and it is certainly not for everyone. I founded this company as I want it to fully represent everything I enjoy about recruiting. With all the new technology available today which has changed the industry, I still believe that building personal long standing relationships is the corner stone of the industry. MFM Search was founded as I knew I would give the same dedication every single day that I did at Robert Walters which ultimately led to me billing over $4.2 Million for the company. My plan is grow MFM Search across the US and maybe even further through hard work and organic financial growth.

Meet the Maranzano Family

This is my family, my wife Kristin Maranzano and son Leo who is 2 years old. They inspire me every day to be the best version of myself! A big part of the reason for launching MFM Search was that I wanted to have the ability to work and spend time with my family as much as possible. I make it a priority to make my son breakfast everyday and have that with him before I start working.